Traces of Her

Last night I slept in her bed to try and hold her close. Yet try I couldn’t cling to her – I only grasped her ghost. Where are they hiding her, when will she return here? Will I ever hold her again, the girl I love most dear? So many questions, so few answers. I … More Traces of Her

Under Siege

Know you cannot hurt me, so dear don’t even try. My heart hidden behind a wall which I built up to the sky. My soft skin secreted beneath a strong scaly shell. It pays to keep your guard up when in close proximity to hell. My emotions each encased behind a grinning green glass mask. … More Under Siege

Winter Wonder

We fell for each other in winter when troubles tiled the frozen floor. Avoided one sheet of black ice only to find some troubles more. On days when my legs trembled and I lacked the strength to stand, she spoke so sweetly to me and tenderly took me by the hand. On nights when she … More Winter Wonder

Lack of Light

In the night, shall I sleep again? To see your face, feel that pain? Or should I lie awake instead with thoughts of you running round my head? In the night counting costs of each mistake, I called for you and felt heartache. In the night I dreamed of you, my kira kira hikaru. We … More Lack of Light