Under Siege

Know you cannot hurt me,
so dear don’t even try.
My heart hidden behind a wall
which I built up to the sky.
My soft skin secreted
beneath a strong scaly shell.
It pays to keep your guard up
when in close proximity to hell.
My emotions each encased
behind a grinning green glass mask.
So know that every day there’s
this smile for every torturous task.

Yet take the time to gaze at me,
see through the green glass disguise,
you may see some true emotions
hiding in the corners of my eyes.
And at night when we’re all alone
and I’m lying safe, snug and sound,
your hands may stroke my soft skin
with no shell there to be found.
And although there’s this sky high wall,
in the middle is a heart shaped door.
I long to fling it wide open
and not have to be so strong any more.

Is it safe to let you through,
would you like to take the key?
Could you love the way I do
and maybe stay a while with me?

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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