What a Tangled Web We Weave

She weaved webs all around me, words wound tightly to each limb. Screeched sticky, sweetly, sinisterly: “He’s for me as I am for him!”. Over time they tangled tighter, dangled down throat the strings did smother. Words winding around my insides: “You’re for me and for no other”. Time ticked torturously, tied to her – … More What a Tangled Web We Weave

Perfectly Imperfect

My mouth kisses your beautiful body, inching over each insecurity and scar. Slowly, softly, while whispering: “You’re wonderful just the way you are”. My hands caress each curve, you say: “You’re gorgeous too” and although I may never see it, I can tell that you truly do. I adore all your imperfections, you feel fond … More Perfectly Imperfect

Heart For Sale

Condition: Used, confused, abused but beats strong still – will not fail. Will anybody buy his hurting heart? Reduced in our weary winter sale. And as for former owners, well, yes, he has had one or two. Yet he has never loved anybody before the way that he will love you. Prices reduced for a … More Heart For Sale