Heart For Sale

Condition: Used, confused, abused
but beats strong still – will not fail.
Will anybody buy his hurting heart?
Reduced in our weary winter sale.

And as for former owners,
well, yes, he has had one or two.
Yet he has never loved anybody before
the way that he will love you.

Prices reduced for a limited time only –
someday soon this madness must end!
Who wants a loyal, loving, lusting lover
who also acts as a fine forever friend?

One size fits all as the more you love
the more his heart will grow.
No need for slyness or subtlety,
I imagine it is best to let it show.

So don’t delay, buy his heart today,
comes with a lifetime love guarantee.
Treat it well (we’ll be able to tell)
and you’ll both be blissfully happy.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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