Run From the Rattacrat

Run! Run from the Rattacrat!
Flee fast as far away as you can!
Her toxic tongue tells only lies,
her teeth tear at flesh of man.
Her heart a hole of hatred,
her horns are ready to rend.
You can run from the Rattacrat
but she’ll find you in the end.

Hide! Hide from the Rattacrat!
Door locked, lie under your bed!
She’ll seek you out, without a doubt
find sanctuary to which you fled.
Can you hear the Rattacrat
play rat-a-tat on your bedroom door?
Bony claws come counting:
a rhythm one, two, three, four.

Fight! Fight the Rattacrat!
Her weaknesses: love, happiness and hope!
But beware the wicked webs she weaves,
many died writing within wretched rope.
Don’t dare divert your eyes from her,
keep sword-arm straight and true.
It is either you or her now,
so run her through and through.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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