Perfectly Imperfect

My mouth kisses your beautiful body,
inching over each insecurity and scar.
Slowly, softly, while whispering:
“You’re wonderful just the way you are”.

My hands caress each curve,
you say: “You’re gorgeous too”
and although I may never see it,
I can tell that you truly do.

I adore all your imperfections,
you feel fond of my flawed face.
Easing each anxiety,
leaving love to take their place.

My kisses continue, cuddling,
as we lie here skin on skin.
Your beauty begins without while
you’re even more beautiful within.

Someday I wish you could view
you as this lovely vision I see.
You’re perfectly imperfect
which is pretty perfect for me.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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