Wednesday Word – Emaciated

Today’s Wednesday Word writing challenge was set by ruthlakes. The prompt for the piece was “Emaciated”.

One of the first things which came to mind for me was the modelling industry, with women who were being asked to starve themselves for the pursuit of beauty and in the name of fashion. It is a look which has never done anything for me and (if they’re being honest) doesn’t appeal to my male friends either. It leaves me wondering who it actually is who looks at these skeletal creatures and thinks “Wow, they’re so beautiful!” and also at the impact that image of beauty has on others who strive for that look.


Cold corpses catwalk single-file,
skin taut tailored skinny style.
Strut in turn then comes the twirl,
androgynous bodies (boy or girl?).
Organs rot under a sallow shell,
malnourished models – must be Hell.
Wearing clothes we’ll never wear;
strike a pose – stop and stare.

Photoshopped fakes for a magazine.
Picture perfect or so obscene?
Little like reality but much less,
corpse cloaked in a blood red dress.
Should we all copy, rinse, repeat?
Will we look lovely if we never eat?
Mirror, mirror, mounted on the wall.
Can you see any beauty there at all?

Cold corpse catwalks for carrion camera crew.
The world is watching, so what will you do?

Copyright © 2016 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

bones beneath


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Word – Emaciated

  1. Wow, the imagery of your words was so very powerful – and then ‘smack’, that image right between the eyes. Shocking and immensely thought provoking.
    Should be on advertising boards everywhere.

    Liked by 1 person

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