“Sleeping Beauty & M.E” on the radio

Hi there. Just a quick note to let my Followers know that one of my poems “Sleeping Beauty & M.E” was selected as the Post of the Week on the “David Snape and Friends” blog (if you haven’t discovered the blog yet, you really should). As a result, it will be read out on his radio show on Tuesday 8pm GMT and repeated on Thursday 1pm GMT on http://www.southwavesradio.co.uk.

Feel proud to be chosen. Still not the most confident writer (or the most confident person generally to be honest) but every Like, Follow & experience such as this does help to gradually improve my confidence.

I’ll be listening to it with my girlfriend Phoebe who I wrote it for on Tuesday. You can find the poem along with an explanation of the condition M.E by CLICKING HERE.

Alternatively, if you’d sooner just read the poem without the explanation/would sooner conserve energy by not having to click to another page then here’s another copy of the poem:

Sleeping Beauty & M.E

He had danced & duelled with demons,
walked on a long eggshell strewn floor,
carefully climbed a steep stony staircase
to tremble nervously outside her door.

Would she, could she want him,
someone so damaged in the dark?
Dare he dream of light & love,
such sunny picnics in the park?
Finally he steeled himself,
reached out & turned the key.
Quite quietly opened her door
to see his sleeping beauty.

Her wheelchair creaked in the corner,
her brown bed was always single.
It’s hard to find someone to love
when you are too tired to mingle.
She snored softly, slept soundly,
medicine had granted such rest.
He sat down by her bedside,
heart beating in his chest.

He kissed her lips for the first time,
she opened her eyes (bright blue).
Her sweet smile was just for him
and he smiled back at her too.

He said: “I want to show you
how heavenly this world can be.
Such wonders to explore
beyond your door
will you come see them with me?
Hear howling monkeys in the jungle,
attend the grandest ball.
A world of pleasurable possibilities
and we can capture them all”.

She replied: “Yes, I will go with you!
But first I need a nap”.
She curled up closer to him,
lay her head on his lap.

As she slept once more,
his hands happily stroked her hair.
He thought:
‘The best beauty in this wonderful world
is sleeping soundly there’.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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