Her hands hold me under,
her voice begs to let go.
Give in to the darkness,
drown deep in the sea of woe.
Lips cracked cajoling,
those that I once kissed,
now ask me to surrender,
“It’s pointless to resist”.

She saps strength from me,
sea salt tears stain me eyes.
Her true form finally free
once I’d torn away her lies.
Taloned fingers draw blood,
she pushes me deeper down.
Asks again after my defeat,
“It’s easier if you drown”.

Yet someone in the distance,
true love she shines a light.
Bestows hope, begs believe, breathe:
“We will weather darkest night”.
Far away in her lighthouse
yet still I see her sweet smile
and so I’ll breathe underwater,
deny death to the terror vile.

Months pass by in this struggle,
nemesis screaming “Why won’t you die?!”
I still breathe underwater,
wonder when woe will pass by.
It would be easy to give in,
simply stop feeling any pain
but I promised to try,
so breathe underwater again.

This too will pass someday – I just have to believe.
Until then I’ll grow gills; inhale, exhale, breathe.

Copyright © 2016 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.


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