Sweetest Scars

In the after-calm I hold her close,
a rose flush fills her cheeks.
Her lips look anxious & quiver,
she sights the words she seeks.
She asks “Am I still beautiful
despite each every scar?”
I reply “Yes, you are lovely
just the way you are”.

Words can be just that –
as false as they are fine.
So show it then in actions,
with my lips I kiss a line,
echo each every single scar
scattered on sweetest skin.
She smiles, seems satisfied,
guides my member back within.
Asks “Can you come again?
Are you yet ready for more?”
I worship with my motions,
good gorgeous goddess I adore!

In the after-calm I hold her close,
savouring making her moan.
Still, sombre anxiety arises:
“I have some scars of my own.
Black beneath skin’s surface,
lie dark deep down inside.
Can you truly love one so scarred?”
(Though true, mine learned to hide).

Her lips come cover in kisses,
she says “I see your secret scar.
To me you’re truly beautiful
just the way you are.”

Copyright © 2016 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.


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