Seven Sins

Seven Hells have come and found you,
seven sins swim all around your head.
As your demons dance, surround you,
lies each echo empty as they’re said.

Seven choices made have clowned you,
laugh or cry – you’ll do as you must.
Foolish falsehoods flood, words drowned you
as all your deceptions degrade to dust.

Seven days denied spellbound you,
jealous of what you may have missed.
Envy eats you, gluttony grounds you,
lips fat, famished, no more kissed.

Seven angels abandon and dumbfound you,
flew far from you as you still slept.
Babe begs for father, praying pounds you.
You ignore the thousand tears she wept.

Seven hundred thorns have crowned you.
Are you proud of what you’ve been?
As your ghosts haunting hound you,
you can’t run from all you’ve seen.

Seven demons dark have bound you,
seven months under Hell hot sun.
As it’s spotlight strikes astound you,
with weight of all you have done.

Seven serpents hiss, circle round you,
your venom still stings those you bled.
Coil closer, wrath wraps, poison downed you.
Seven serpents shall strike you dead.


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