You’re one in a million,
I’ve been searching, so I should know
Foraged freezing through the blizzard
seeking your unique fine flake of snow.

Days turned to weeks to months,
months avalanched unto years.
Stony hard hail hurtled on me
as cold made icicles of tears.

Daydreamed dear I would find you,
that someone special to hold.
Fulfill longing, lay low loneliness,
make warm my ice heart (so cold)

Finally found, how I love you,
my arms are now cold to the touch.
Yet you still smile as your embrace
seems to say “I love you so much”.

You’re one in a million,
found after days searching in solitary pain.
Still, no regrets, now I’ve found you,
we never need feel lonely again.

Copyright © 2016 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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