Revenant (Left For Dead)

You turned the knife in my back.
You turned all colours to black.

You maimed me with wicked words said.
You cut me down, stole whole world as I bled.
You turned off the light, made my death bed.
Hear how I wailed when you left me for dead!

You took away my only child.
You took this tame man, made wild.

Now, I will not forgive and I cannot forget.
It’s too late for sorry, too late for regret.
Rage roaring wild, won’t hear what you say.
It would only be more lies from you anyway.
Nowhere to run and there’s nowhere to hide.
My hatred will find you, my madness my guide.
You fuelled fire with each stolen step fled.
You made me monster when you left me for dead.

You should grow eyes in your back.
You should fear each shadow black.

Now, it won’t be today and it won’t be tomorrow.
But sooner or later, I’ll make you feel sorrow.
You went too far, you’re too steeped in blood.
When whipped with wickedness, withers the good.
You keep screaming sorry but it’s too damned late.
I can’t get it back – I can fill hole with hate.
It won’t make it better but I still want to try.
You left me for dead but I refuse to die.
You brought me low, took turn, did your worst.
My body be broken but I refuse to die first.
Anger inside tints this whole world rage red.
Wrath walks with me since you left me for dead.

You made my Heaven a Hell.
You made my demons too well.

Copyright © 2016 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.


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