Fool’s Gold

When you were young, you were brave & you were bold.
Daringly daydreaming daily, they were wonders to behold.
Now those days are gone, all your dreams long since sold.
Traded each silver lining for a fistful of fool’s gold.

Cornered in your corner office, the walls are closing in.
As your world shrank so small seems the air is getting thin.
Clocking in to despair daily, doing just as you are told.
Each dream deducted, taxed for a fistful of fool’s gold.

So many plans and all the places you’ve never been.
Potential friends & lovers left undiscovered, unseen.
Outside it’s always winter, whole world seems so cold.
At least you have some silver & a fistful of fool’s gold.

Maybe someday soon you may still dare to dream anew.
Say ta-ra to tedium, set sail on seven seas so blue.
You still have time to – not young but not quite old.
Will you take a gamble, risk a fistful of fool’s gold?

Copyright © 2016 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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