Forever Fake (Prince Charming)

Here, your Prince is coming,
rides on his blackest steed.
Trots to tackle all your wants,
flies to feed upon your need.

Hear, your Prince come knocking.
Shocking! A Prince outside your door!
Shall we see if the shoe fits,
be his fair Princess evermore?

See, your Prince is grinning,
winning you with but a smile.
His hands hold blood red roses,
his words weaved wicked beguile.

“My dear, in my kingdom
you must truly be most fair.
Come, canter to my castle,
breathe deep rich Royal air”.

Hold on to your Prince,
as you ride on steed so black.
Kiss your home goodbye,
I fear you’re never coming back.

Hear the river roaring,
warning you of your fate.
Water’s warning went unheeded,
heard it come too late.

He takes you to the riverbank,
with one hand strokes your head.
In the other hand holds a knife
and with it strikes you dead.

Copyright © 2016 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.


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