Lovely Lace

On bed be beauty bedecked in lace,
it brushes breasts, holds in place.
I take time to gaze on flawless face
then tiptoe to come close to grace.

No prayer needed, my angel is there;
dressed in lovely, lacy, underwear.
I lie by, atop, kiss, caress & care,
drinking deep her blue eyed stare.

Red & black lace lines sacred swirl
across beautiful body curve & curl.
My lips linger inching slowly unfurl,
peel back lace from gorgeous girl.

First on tits touches teasing tongue.
So softly, slowly, we’ve all night long.
Flicking fingers flit under her thong.
Moans my music, soothing sultry song.

Travel tender, touch her, down beneath,
remove lace knickers with my teeth.
Tongue licks longing, don’t be brief.
She says “Oh God!” without belief.

My lacy lover I worship, adore
& every night I love her more.

Copyright © 2016 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.


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