Trick or Treat?

Sleep well, my little cherub. Time to rest your weary head.
Though thoughts of ghouls & goblins go dancing in your head.
Tomorrow belongs to witches when we’ll perform a magic feat:
to transform my Angel to She-Devil for fiendish Trick or Treat.

Neighbours new, neighbours old, they will both get a surprise!
A delightful Devil risen from fire fawning before their eyes!
It’s so far from Hell to Halesowen; you’ll hunger, need to eat!
So hold out your bucket and ask after a scary, sugared sweet.

Choc eyeballs roll, jelly worms wriggle, will all go your way.
Will we count strawberry skulls & toffee apples as our 5 a day?
After ample offerings obtained, we’ll whisk to another door.
Your bucket may be getting full but sure we’ll fit in more.

Passing all your friends as fiends, will you even recognise?
Girls grinning ghosts, boys booing bedecked in dark disguise!
Perhaps we will wander with them, forming a predatory pack?
Zombies, vampires and witches; we’ll launch a snack attack!

What if someone should simply have not a single sweet to take?
Do you then destroy, defile, find a more minor mischief to make?
Or should you be a merciful Devil and just skip merrily away?
Will their precious pumpkins live to see the light of day?

To trick or to treat? It will hubble, bubble, trouble your brain.
Once transformed to a Devil, do you want to be my Angel again?

Copyright © 2016 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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