Special request to my older followers

Hello Followers! I hope you can help me. I deleted a post from my site (it’s not in the trash folder either) and I would really like to recover it and publish it on my site again. I know it’s a long shot but I’m hoping that one of you still has a copy of it in your email (even if it only shows a stanza or two, it would be better than nothing).

The poem was posted around July 2015 and includes “tea” in the title and the lines “The tea she served was a bitter brew. Filled it up with salty tears, still I drank it down for all those years”. The reason I deleted the poem was that it contributed in a small way towards the end of my marriage. The reason I want it back is that now I’ve found the true love of my life, I think it contributing towards the end of my marriage is something to be celebrated and it was also quite a good poem. If any of you can help, please either send a copy of the poem to me via the “Contact the Author” link or add it to this article as a Comment. 10000 imaginary cookies go to whoever is able to help me with this.

Thank you in advance. 🙂

EDIT: Thankfully a friend of mine who’d followed my site was able to provide me with a copy of the poem. I’ll repost it later today.

EDIT 2: I’ve now added it to my site. See https://philipcraddockwriter.wordpress.com/2016/10/29/blues-blood-another-cup-of-tea/

5 thoughts on “Special request to my older followers

    1. You may have already surmised from the explanation above but it’s certainly not a happy read. I was trapped in an abusive relationship & at the time I wrote it saw no way out. Whilst my marriage ending is something I now celebrate, the custody battle for our daughter was nightmarish for me (thankfully after a year of fighting I was ultimately awarded 50% custody).

      Retrospectively though at least now I can read it with a sigh of relief that things are much better now & I’ve found love with someone far lovelier, who makes me feel free, happy & generally better about myself.

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