Daily prompt: Copycat

The invasion came not with a bang but with a subtle sigh.

They are amongst us, masquerade, made like you & I.

Cold on the inside, insidious, only darkness within.

Sneaking sneers, soulless smiles, hide in human skin.


No shots were fired, for end was wise, wicked, quick.

Instead of sending soldiers, skin walkers politic.

Boldly brag before us, brazenly beg for votes.

Look at the monsters, madness in man coats.


They twist turn us, orchestrating hate.

“Build a wall wide tall, before it’s too late!”

Have us chasing tails, tell us what to fear.

They’re the true enemy – the end already here.


Can  you spot skin walker, well, can you reader?

Or one day will we vote one our official leader?

Cast your vote most carefully, look for some subtle clue.

Or someday they may wear skin, stitched to look like you.


Written for <a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/copycat/”>Copycat</a&gt;

2 thoughts on “Daily prompt: Copycat

  1. Written on my mobile phone again, so formatting not quite right. Will edit it tomorrow when I have internet access at home again.

    Not completely satisfied with how this one turned out, so may tweak it when I have Internet access at home again.

    The first thought that came to me with the “copycat” prompt was actually “copycat killer” but as I’d done a murderous piece yesterday for “eerie”, I decided to go with my second thought, which was aliens (I’m a fan of the V remake).


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