Daily Prompt: Hyperbole (#Fake)


She stars on social media,
with her perfect, popular kid.
And her genius gorgeous husband
and that fabulous thing he did!
Her meals are all worth photos,
the most delicious ever seen!
She models, works, wines, dines,
makes delightful homemade cream!
Her holidays are out of this world –
says her flag flies on Mars!
She swears her breasts are real,
wears only emerald encrusted bras.
She has three thousand “Friends”,
but may not remember their name!
Still, they keep on pressing “Like”,
which is more or less the same!
If ever ill fortune found her,
she’d milk it for all she could.
I wouldn’t say she’s a drama queen
but perhaps someone braver should?
Her online persona’s paper thin,
about as real as her bottled tan.
Or her Barbie bleach blonde hair
or her pretty perfect ex-con man.
Are we meant to take it seriously
or is it all just hyperbole?
Is she sincerely such a joke
or is the joke truly on me?
Her Pinterest pins dig into me,
want to tear down her Facebook wall.
Compared to her faked non-fiction
my little life seems so small…

Written for the Daily Prompt. See

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Hyperbole (#Fake)

  1. Oh wow – amazing post. Really enjoyed this one. I wonder if everyone has had thoughts like this. One reason I stay away from most social media. I can only stomach so much. Wonderful write!


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