The Greatest Gifts

Sometimes she wears cute costume,
is it me who needs the disguise?
Still, she says she truly knows me
and she has such love in her eyes.

Unworthy to hold her close,
her hugs say they disagree.
Too tainted to touch her,
luscious lips linger on me.

She lies laced, ravishing, red,
a beauty bedecked in a bow.
Teasing tongue tickles ear,
she whispers: “Unwrap me slow”.

Too broken to be inside her,
naked smooth skin slides above.
Too twisted to writhe with her,
her movements each echo her love.

We come, climax together,
I wish this would never end!
My lover, my saviour, salvation;
my fantasy, ecstasy and friend.

Too lost to find hope with her,
too riddled with wounds of the past.
Yet I do love true – I love her
and wish to believe it can last.

I’m dotted with doubts and self-loathing,
she soothes old wounds with present romance.
She offers the greatest gifts of them all:
her love – and a sweet second chance.

5 thoughts on “The Greatest Gifts

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