Don’t Pass Her By

The day dull done, the sorry sky turns grey.
The crowded commuters have nothing to say.
The train track traversing, a clickity-clack.
My course set straight, seems no turning back.

My station arrives and as I rise then to leave,
I see her awaiting and I struggle to breathe.
Her beauty bedazzles, I dream what I might –
then leave as she enters, ships pass in the night.

As another dull day’s over, I lie lonesome in bed.
Tall tales of what won’t be turn tricks in my head.
Her skin porcelain; her hair luscious, long black.
If we were “We”, would I finally find what I lack?

Another day rises, runs whether I like it or not.
The hours slowly strike, I wish each be forgot.
I rush to the station, stand tall on the train.
Wondering whether I will see her again.

The journey jangles, I’m rocked back and forth,
the train track takes me from South to the North.
As I arrive I see her, a beauty shining so bright!
Still I leave as she enters, ships pass in the night.

I’d say “I’m home” but there’s no-one to care.
The meal ready for one, the table, bare chair.
The silence suffocates, so I play make believe.
If she were with me, what wonders we’d weave!

Tomorrow turns to today, it runs much the same.
Will she be there? Will I dare ask her her name?
But when I see her, I feel lost, little, weak.
I open my mouth but know not what to speak.

And so once again I leave, rise and go.
Turn to see her waving through the window.
The train pulls away yet I feel brief delight.
She leaves, I go. Row you ships in the night.

I lie longing lonely home here in the dark.
The next day arises with song of the lark.
Today is the day – today I’ll try to try!
I’ll say…something! I won’t pass her by!

The office ordinary, my work most mundane.
Well, will I see her, will she be there again?
Boss condescending, rehearsed reply contrite.
No more we’ll pass by like ships in the night!

Daylight descends, my heart skips a beat.
I run to the train down a familiar street.
I sit on train breathless, the carriage is bare.
My station arrives, I don’t see her there.

I close my eyes – feeling too tired to stand.
My station waves with mournfully moving hand.
Then I hear her hail “Hi, is this seat still free?”
My reply “Yes!” and she sits so close to me.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Pass Her By

    1. Thank you for your comment. Glad you liked it. 🙂 A short story on my site which shared a similar inspiration to this piece is “Beauty Fades From the Train” (see Despite things not turning out quite the same in that one, I think you may still like it. Maybe the difference is partly that Beauty Fades From the Train was written at a stage in my life where I was stuck in a loveless, abusive relationship & feeling rather hopeless, whereas now I/m engaged to Phoebe, in love (& loved) & generally much happier.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I will definitely read that story despite a sadder ending. I’m really happy for you and sorry you had to endure an abusive situation first. Congrats to you and Phoebe I’m glad you found your girl 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks for your kind words. It was a long road (I was with my ex for over 13 years, tried to escape previously & couldn’t) and even after I broke free, I had an extremely tough year thanks to my ex (don’t feel comfortable expanding too much publicly in case she reads this but feel free to use “Contact the Author” if you’d like to know more) but Phoebe helped me to get through it & I feel very hopeful about our life together. And I have 50% custody of my daughter Kira now and love her to bits too, so have hope that I’ve found my “happy ever after ending”…or at least as close to it as is possible in the real world. If you haven’t found yours already, I hope you do someday too. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thanks Philip 🙂 It sounds really great. Better for Kira too. I look forward to reading more of your writing 😊


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