The Suffer Ring

I cannot promise roses will eternally bloom
or that the light will ever eclipse the gloom.
I may make mistakes more often than not
and cannot comprehend how much I forgot.
I cannot promise you a happy every after.
We will share sorrow to balance the laughter.
The road will be rocky upon our life’s ride.
We’ll weather together; I’ll be by your side.

I cannot promise to end all your pain.
You’ve hurt me before, I’ll hurt you again.
Never intentionally; we’re accident prone.
Still, hurting together trumps hurting alone.
I cannot promise to rewrite harsh past.
I’ve scars aplenty, cut deeply to last.
You’ve been scarred too; cut toe to head.
I wish each wound had been mine instead.

I cannot promise sun will eternal shine.
Or some salvation at end of the line.
I cannot swear suffering will one day end.
We’ll suffer together; my lover, my friend.
I cannot promise an end to all strife.
I’ll be good husband, you’ll be good wife.
I can promise love and that I’ll always care.
When days are dark dear, I’ll be right there.

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