Author’s Note: “Broken Worlds”

Well, it’s happened. I’m now officially a professional writer, without any other job to fall back on/hide behind. After twelve years of working in the games industry, I was made redundant over the Christmas period.

Before you get out the tiny violins, it may actually work out for the best. I’d been taking on writing jobs as a side gig for around a year now and since losing my job, I’ve stepped up that aspect and I’m feeling hopeful that it may actually work out for the best. It also allows me to continue to stay at home to support my wife (she has M.E and scoliosis) and look after my daughter. Yes, it is still a little scary for me and yes, there is a lot of pressure on me but I still feel optimistic.

This month has also been significant for me as a writer in another way. Although I have now written six or seven books for different clients as a ghost writer, this month a book is being sold on Amazon that I wrote…and my name actually appears on the front cover for once! :O It was written in collaboration with a talented German writer, Gennaio Winger.

You can find my fantasy story on Amazon in both English (Broken Worlds) & German (Das Lied Schwerter).

If any of you do purchase it, I would really appreciate it if you left a positive review. Thanks.

Broken Worlds cover




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