George Gooding, by Jeannette Burch

Thanks to Jeannette Burch for doing this lovely painting of George Gooding, from my visual novel “Of Lovers Past” (available on the Moments app for Android & iOS devices).

You can find more of her artwork here:

4 thoughts on “George Gooding, by Jeannette Burch

  1. George (Or should I say Jacob?) is one of those dark horses I simply cannot ignore. I’ve reread the tale so many times with the Moments app simply to see the various versions of him and I honestly can say I love the one to where he is in the future and he still has that darkness inside of him. Don’t get me wrong, the one where you are able to mend his relationship with his father was endearing but…. I suppose in my minds eye I want to keep that bit of dangerous intent intact.

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    1. I can understand why not everybody would want him redeemed. He isn’t really George afterwards, after all. However, for me the Jacob ending is still my favourite ending to Of Lovers Past. Mind you, I have a love/hate relationship with George. I think he’s an interesting character…and a pretty terrible person! Thanks for reading “Of Lovers Past”. I hope you enjoy “Of Lovers in Time” too.

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      1. Oh I did, and I was rolling with laughter through most of the second installment. I was the one that stated that the reference to The Princess Bride was my favorite quote in the final chapter. To this day, that film is still a personal favorite. So again I should thank you for that as well. If it wasn’t for what you said in a comment on there, I wouldn’t have thought to look you up on here so for that I’m also grateful. Either way I thoroughly enjoy your style of writing. It’s mysterious, sometimes dark but it’s also peppered with just enough humor to give it the flavor that I crave. Looking forward to what you will be coming out with next.

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    2. Ah – okay. 🙂 Not always easy to know who is who when we’re off Moments. Glad you liked the finale and that reference. I had one person saying “OMG – plagiarism!” or words to that effect, who didn’t get it was meant as a homage to one of my favourite movies. You can’t please everybody all the time.

      In terms of what I’ll be coming out with next, I’m working on the screenplay for a mathematics game for kids (you’re not exactly the target audience for that one), ghost writing for some visual novels (so you won’t know it’s me even though it is…if you really liked one, we’ll pretend it was mine really) and I’m working on Life in the Machine and a fantasy action game.

      The ultimate aim is for me to release my own games, hiring artists, coders and musicians to do the bits I can’t (thinking initially them being standalone games released boxed or as a digital download rather than on my own app, as if I were to become a direct competitor to Moments, I doubt they’d want to hire me again). But for that I’ll need a budget and right now I’m about £7000 in debt, so unless a mysterious and wealthy benefactor comes along or an army of people opt to use the “Make a donation” link on my site for small amounts (right now it happens so rarely, sometimes I wonder if the link’s broken), that is something which is probably going to happen years from now rather than as my next trick.


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