Author’s Note: “Broken Worlds”

Well, it’s happened. I’m now officially a professional writer, without any other job to fall back on/hide behind. After twelve years of working in the games industry, I was made redundant over the Christmas period. Before you get out the tiny violins, it may actually work out for the best. I’d been taking on writing … More Author’s Note: “Broken Worlds”

Author’s Note: Now For Hire (& Accepting Donations)

Hello, my lovely followers. Recently my life has taken a rather odd twist. Two weeks ago, I was working 50 hours a week from home on a self-employed basis for a computer games company who were based in Florida. Due to their main game being cancelled, they’ve now reduced my contracted hours to 10 a … More Author’s Note: Now For Hire (& Accepting Donations)

Smoke And Mirrors

Wispy white hair halos his head like smoke, desperately clinging on to wrinkled skin stretched too tight over his scaly scalp. Red drops dribble down his chin despite The Woman’s best effort to feed him carefully. They stain his faded once-white shirt like blood spatter. Tomato today. Pity. “T…tastes…like…sh-shit”. He wheezes to The Woman with … More Smoke And Mirrors

Why the Dodo can’t fly (aka why we will always be stupid) ((From the archives…written in 2002)).

When I tell you that ‘our story begins a long time ago’ I do not just mean a few hundred years. Nor do I even mean a few thousand years ago. What I am talking about is an extremely long time ago, only a thousand years after the Big Beginning. The story of how things … More Why the Dodo can’t fly (aka why we will always be stupid) ((From the archives…written in 2002)).

Believe in Fairies

Today I took my daughter for a walk into Stafford via the secret route – the path where only the dreamers dare to tread. It was a Princess day and her little Majesty was sure that a walk into town would be boring. Her ever present faithful companion Fufu the friendly lion growled in agreement: … More Believe in Fairies

The Gift Horse

You can’t understand why the gift horse has come to you with those presents tied to its side. Surely there must be some mistake? Is the horse a Trojan one? If you pull back the pretty pink ribbons and strip each layer of wrapping paper until the gifts lie naked before you, would you find … More The Gift Horse

Men of the House

In the public house with a broken heart, the old imitation oak table in the cramped corner has cracks which are starting to show and no amount of spit and polish will mask these scars. You long for the days of ash and smoke. Not to partake of that particular poison yourself as it was … More Men of the House


Today I took a leisurely walk into town to smell her perfume. Before the clerk gave it to me I knew not what to expect and the pessimist within me feared the worst. The clerk slowly reached her hand towards me and presented me with the scent on a thin, white strip of cardboard. Tentatively … More Perfume