No We Didn’t, Dearest

No, there isn’t no need for crying now. For our worst days are all far behind. Don’t tell me I got to keep trying now. Such words are unnecessary and unkind. I’ll give you everything; every number, every letter. I’m the luckiest alive (yes, you could’ve done better). And I’ll love you until the day … More No We Didn’t, Dearest

Loved You Lately

Well, has he loved you lately? Did he love you until he heard you moan? Did he send a shiver down your spine, as I would if you were mine? Can you still feel him when you’re all alone? Well, does he need you, lady? Does he need you more than he needs air? And … More Loved You Lately

Lean On

You don’t have to say you’re sorry for some sad things that you said. I’d sooner share the weight with you than have it fall on you instead. So please lean on, lean on me. You don’t have to say you’re sorry for crying on days when nothing’s right. We can talk all day till … More Lean On

The Cure?

I opened my heart, she poured poison in. So sweetly spoiled, I withered within. I masked my pain behind a Devil’s grin as she gripped her claws upon my shoulder. Now I’ve found the cure; a sugared sin. Took tainted love, let life begin. I’ll take a chance & upon you pin a hope that dark … More The Cure?

Broken Vows

You say I broke your heart today. Well dear, you bled my heart first. Left it so small & dry I hardly care to cry about which of us received the worst. What’s the point in keeping scores when we’re both losing anyhow? Shall we sing a melancholy melody to mourn another broken vow? CHORUS … More Broken Vows

Worth Waiting For

Through the storm stood by the shore I hug myself close and hope some more & I still wait here for you. Though cold winter turns to sun as seasons slip by one by one I will wait here for you. As the years twist time and place, wonder ‘Would she still recognise my face?’ I’m still … More Worth Waiting For