Paid for a poem: “The Clumsysaurus & the Grumplepuss”

Hello again, my lovely followers. Those of you who read the last article will already know that due to my hours being dramatically cut, I’ve now started writing in a freelance capacity as a means of boosting my income (see I’m in a pretty desperate situation, as I have a disabled fiancee and a … More Paid for a poem: “The Clumsysaurus & the Grumplepuss”

Author’s Note: Now For Hire (& Accepting Donations)

Hello, my lovely followers. Recently my life has taken a rather odd twist. Two weeks ago, I was working 50 hours a week from home on a self-employed basis for a computer games company who were based in Florida. Due to their main game being cancelled, they’ve now reduced my contracted hours to 10 a … More Author’s Note: Now For Hire (& Accepting Donations)


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I am the boss With two servants of mine, I speak for the heart and utter for the soul, Don’t try looking for me, I’m invincible,but I act. ?I could go rogue and be soft I’m a gateway to body’s energy Refusing and accepting,? According to its desire. My…

Hurry Up Slow Down

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Running out Of time Need to hurry My life up And slow it down To do more of what I want Rather than what I need to do. Feeling time slipping Clock ticking Life fleeting Makes me Crazy, longing for The quiet Peace found in The weekend morning hours…

Mean it all.

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“Love” is a beautiful word, and we have to restore its meaning. We have to make the effort to heal words by using them properly and carefully. True love includes a sense of responsibility and accepting the other person as they are, with all their strengths and weaknesses. If you only…