No We Didn’t, Dearest

No, there isn’t no need for crying now. For our worst days are all far behind. Don’t tell me I got to keep trying now. Such words are unnecessary and unkind. I’ll give you everything; every number, every letter. I’m the luckiest alive (yes, you could’ve done better). And I’ll love you until the day … More No We Didn’t, Dearest

Trick or Treat?

Sleep well, my little cherub. Time to rest your weary head. Though thoughts of ghouls & goblins go dancing in your head. Tomorrow belongs to witches when we’ll perform a magic feat: to transform my Angel to She-Devil for fiendish Trick or Treat. Neighbours new, neighbours old, they will both get a surprise! A delightful … More Trick or Treat?

I Believe

I don’t believe benevolent beings look down on all we do. I don’t believe happy endings from Fairy Tales come true. I don’t believe we’re stronger from suffering we’ve been through. But babe, believe me when I tell it true that I believe in you. Though I don’t believe in Angels watching over us from … More I Believe

Forget Me Not

Dearest Daughter, I remember rocking you gently when you were still in the cot. Sang soft sleepy songs – my voice was woeful but I had a shot. I wish I could keep cuddlling you closely, it hurts that I cannot. Please remember dear daddy loved you & please forget me not. I remember on … More Forget Me Not

Stand by Her

She tells me that she is broken, in ways that are usually unspoken. Her heart’s door is barely open but I’ll wait by it just the same. She says she’s better off alone, as she calls me up on the phone. Voice shakes so in a “Help me” tone as she hesitantly hangs up again. … More Stand by Her

Half the World

I wish that I could hold her close, keep her safe come what may. Yet still she stays so far from me, feels further everyday. So I send a prayer with whispered winds, let loving words take flight. May angel wings wrap round her and keep her safe tonight. May her heart know only love … More Half the World

Angel Falls

I said she was an angel, I saw her in the sky. I looked upon her Halo of light, she taught me how to fly. On wings of golden promises, through clouds of future dreams. I swore she was an angel, strange how nothing’s as it seems. We walked the skies together, I held her in … More Angel Falls