Don’t Pass Her By

The day dull done, the sorry sky turns grey. The crowded commuters have nothing to say. The train track traversing, a clickity-clack. My course set straight, seems no turning back. My station arrives and as I rise then to leave, I see her awaiting and I struggle to breathe. Her beauty bedazzles, I dream what … More Don’t Pass Her By

The Greatest Gifts

Sometimes she wears cute costume, is it me who needs the disguise? Still, she says she truly knows me and she has such love in her eyes. Unworthy to hold her close, her hugs say they disagree. Too tainted to touch her, luscious lips linger on me. She lies laced, ravishing, red, a beauty bedecked … More The Greatest Gifts

Can you see him?

He scatters words as breadcrumbs: each are a little, loving clue. They’re the only way which he can capture what he longs to say to you. He sits silent in his wheelchair while you walk away above. His eyes take in your beauty, beating heart hurts from love. His limp legs sit shaking, he wishes … More Can you see him?

Lovely Lace

On bed be beauty bedecked in lace, it brushes breasts, holds in place. I take time to gaze on flawless face then tiptoe to come close to grace. No prayer needed, my angel is there; dressed in lovely, lacy, underwear. I lie by, atop, kiss, caress & care, drinking deep her blue eyed stare. Red … More Lovely Lace

Falling For You

Of white rabbits, well, I have chased one or two. As for filthy, flirty frogs, true – I’ve kissed a few. Now I jump with both feet, the world fades from view. I’m falling – falling further in love with you. Deeper, deeper, descending, down into this hole. Falling faster, faster, for love knows no … More Falling For You

Face to Face

He likes living the quiet life, tends to keep himself to himself. Stores faces in green glass jars kept high on a dark basement shelf. Emotions each are a mystery but masks he wears so well. Has learned a smile can conceal an inner vision of Hell. One face happy, another face sad and a … More Face to Face


You’re one in a million, I’ve been searching, so I should know Foraged freezing through the blizzard seeking your unique fine flake of snow. Days turned to weeks to months, months avalanched unto years. Stony hard hail hurtled on me as cold made icicles of tears. Daydreamed dear I would find you, that someone special … More Snowflake

Author’s Note 4 & “Misty Monday Memories”

I’ve written a few pieces on my site now which deal with aspects of my fiancée’s (she said yes) condition, M.E. However, although I’ve mentioned it in passing, I’ve not yet written a poem which deals with my condition: dyspraxia. If you don’t like intros or prefer to just judge poems on their own merit … More Author’s Note 4 & “Misty Monday Memories”