Face to Face

He likes living the quiet life, tends to keep himself to himself. Stores faces in green glass jars kept high on a dark basement shelf. Emotions each are a mystery but masks he wears so well. Has learned a smile can conceal an inner vision of Hell. One face happy, another face sad and a … More Face to Face

The Usual Suspect – for Blackheart111

Following my most recent APED challenge, I joked with Blackheart111 that my poem may have been much happier if the chosen words were “candyfloss”, “kittens”and “rainbows”. Blackheart111 added “fluffy”, “pink” and “clouds” to the list and I decided rather than leaving it as a joke, I’d write it and let Blackheart111 pick the mood. The … More The Usual Suspect – for Blackheart111


Far from home town, I walk uncharted ground and all I own I carry on my back. I follow her voice, oh that most beauteous noise! Over mountains & valleys I track She sang “Yes, I love you & I long for you too, so sweetheart soon return here to me.” Don’t dally my dear, … More Siren