The video recording remembers, though memory has degraded a touch. Recycled, replayed, grown grainy, watching good girl he loves oh so much. That day she’d seemed so immortal; safe, secure, father’s love pure & strong. Laughing, runs ragged, hides from him. How had it all gone grotesquely wrong? Replays each every action all anguished; rewinds, … More Replay

Traces of Her

Last night I slept in her bed to try and hold her close. Yet try I couldn’t cling to her – I only grasped her ghost. Where are they hiding her, when will she return here? Will I ever hold her again, the girl I love most dear? So many questions, so few answers. I … More Traces of Her

Kid Napped K

Sleep my Kira, Kira dear. In your dreams I’ll hold you near. No more heartache, no more fear, so sleep my Kira dear. Sleep my Kira, Kira try. Dream a day for you and I. Safe & sound under a sunny sky, so sleep my Kira, try. Sleep my Kira, Kira sleep. My love for … More Kid Napped K

Men of the House

In the public house with a broken heart, the old imitation oak table in the cramped corner has cracks which are starting to show and no amount of spit and polish will mask these scars. You long for the days of ash and smoke. Not to partake of that particular poison yourself as it was … More Men of the House