Daily prompt: Copycat

The invasion came not with a bang but with a subtle sigh. They are amongst us, masquerade, made like you & I. Cold on the inside, insidious, only darkness within. Sneaking sneers, soulless smiles, hide in human skin.   No shots were fired, for end was wise, wicked, quick. Instead of sending soldiers, skin walkers … More Daily prompt: Copycat

Face to Face

He likes living the quiet life, tends to keep himself to himself. Stores faces in green glass jars kept high on a dark basement shelf. Emotions each are a mystery but masks he wears so well. Has learned a smile can conceal an inner vision of Hell. One face happy, another face sad and a … More Face to Face


Their raw record ruthlessly repeats, scratched, sings sadly, skipping beats. Heart heavy, he’s heard each bar before, daringly daydreams disappearing, hear no more. Her same shrill shriek keeps dreams at bay, “I would die if you ever went away!” The threat tattooed, tears him up inside. Freedom for him heralds her suicide. Her rosy lips … More Wreckord

Under Siege

Know you cannot hurt me, so dear don’t even try. My heart hidden behind a wall which I built up to the sky. My soft skin secreted beneath a strong scaly shell. It pays to keep your guard up when in close proximity to hell. My emotions each encased behind a grinning green glass mask. … More Under Siege


Today I took a leisurely walk into town to smell her perfume. Before the clerk gave it to me I knew not what to expect and the pessimist within me feared the worst. The clerk slowly reached her hand towards me and presented me with the scent on a thin, white strip of cardboard. Tentatively … More Perfume

Author’s Note 1 – Transitions (aka “Does anybody even read these bits?”)

For a long time I believed that I could only write if I had a muse – somebody who inspired me to write. And for four long years I did no creative writing because I had no muse. Or more accurately I had one but was afraid of using her because I feared that the … More Author’s Note 1 – Transitions (aka “Does anybody even read these bits?”)

Lean On

You don’t have to say you’re sorry for some sad things that you said. I’d sooner share the weight with you than have it fall on you instead. So please lean on, lean on me. You don’t have to say you’re sorry for crying on days when nothing’s right. We can talk all day till … More Lean On