Someday, somehow, somewhere

Someday I may move past this, shed these thousand thorns of regret. Till then I need to bleed some more, move though no course seems set. Someday when my feet feel freer, no longer burdened  by bitter betrayal, my hands may yet write lighter lines, a happy end etched to this tragic tale. Somehow she … More Someday, somehow, somewhere

Good Girl Gone

The silence is deafening as haggard hands open bleak bedroom door, exhausted eyes encounter a She shaped space where She slept before. Tired fingers fold forlorn fabrics – clothes a good girl wore. Her absence attacks again, digs deep down to a crumbling core. Tidying torturously, duelling dust demons with battered broom, I try to … More Good Girl Gone

Traces of Her

Last night I slept in her bed to try and hold her close. Yet try I couldn’t cling to her – I only grasped her ghost. Where are they hiding her, when will she return here? Will I ever hold her again, the girl I love most dear? So many questions, so few answers. I … More Traces of Her

Lack of Light

In the night, shall I sleep again? To see your face, feel that pain? Or should I lie awake instead with thoughts of you running round my head? In the night counting costs of each mistake, I called for you and felt heartache. In the night I dreamed of you, my kira kira hikaru. We … More Lack of Light