Revenant (Left For Dead)

You turned the knife in my back. You turned all colours to black. You maimed me with wicked words said. You cut me down, stole whole world as I bled. You turned off the light, made my death bed. Hear how I wailed when you left me for dead! You took away my only child. … More Revenant (Left For Dead)

I Believe

I don’t believe benevolent beings look down on all we do. I don’t believe happy endings from Fairy Tales come true. I don’t believe we’re stronger from suffering we’ve been through. But babe, believe me when I tell it true that I believe in you. Though I don’t believe in Angels watching over us from … More I Believe

Forget Me Not

Dearest Daughter, I remember rocking you gently when you were still in the cot. Sang soft sleepy songs – my voice was woeful but I had a shot. I wish I could keep cuddlling you closely, it hurts that I cannot. Please remember dear daddy loved you & please forget me not. I remember on … More Forget Me Not

Other Side

Love, well we never timed it right. Always too little, too late or too fast. Now my day is done, dusk falls on darkest night, still starry-eyed I find flashes of our past. CHORUS Well I’ll save you a seat on the other side, up by the stars we’ll watch the turning of the moon. … More Other Side

Angel Falls

I said she was an angel, I saw her in the sky. I looked upon her Halo of light, she taught me how to fly. On wings of golden promises, through clouds of future dreams. I swore she was an angel, strange how nothing’s as it seems. We walked the skies together, I held her in … More Angel Falls