The Vampire Queen – On Android & iOS devices

Just a quick note to let you know that the first two chapters of another visual novel I wrote have now been released on the “Moments: Choose Your Story” app for Android and iOS devices. This one’s called “The Vampire Queen” and I co-wrote it with Luna Bunny, who was a lovely lady to work … More The Vampire Queen – On Android & iOS devices

Paradise Lost

We used to play ball beneath boughs of bountiful brittle birch tree. We’d wander wild in wooded worlds which knew no impossibility. Sometimes he would be bandit and I’d track trail him for hours. Till the high noon shoot out, where he’d fall felled atop flowers. Other days I would play villain, wailing barbarous battle … More Paradise Lost

The Sole House

The path was dark dirt twisted, dull moon barely lit the sky. The thunder truly terrifying as rain fell for you and I. The birds were not a tweeting, the trees bare eerie still. Whilst wet we weaved wearily to the sole house on the hill. The welcome mat was missing, a door damaged hung … More The Sole House

Face to Face

He likes living the quiet life, tends to keep himself to himself. Stores faces in green glass jars kept high on a dark basement shelf. Emotions each are a mystery but masks he wears so well. Has learned a smile can conceal an inner vision of Hell. One face happy, another face sad and a … More Face to Face


Far from home town, I walk uncharted ground and all I own I carry on my back. I follow her voice, oh that most beauteous noise! Over mountains & valleys I track She sang “Yes, I love you & I long for you too, so sweetheart soon return here to me.” Don’t dally my dear, … More Siren

Snow Wight

A blizzard blew beyond the walls, I huddle to the fire. Father whispers “Don’t heed her calls”, so fed the flames grew higher. Midnight moved upon us, fatigued father fell to sleep. Mournful memories menace me – fire’s fading as I weep. Outside she’s arisen, cold corpse comes gliding to our door. Her hands they … More Snow Wight