Beauty’s Beast

Soft of voice, still sharp of teeth. Fangs find flesh, rip rend beneath. Clawed hands hold a poisoned quill. Words weapons wielded, strike to kill. Yet you come close, I wag spiked tail. My love for you, it will never fail. You see through my monstrous disguise as I see beauty before my eyes. Your … More Beauty’s Beast


Sexual salvation or sin, feel free when I’m within, we both long to keep hold of that feeling. Tantric back to the wall, flying too high to fall, if we could we would writhe on the ceiling. Outdoors or under cover, our lips kiss & discover, her loving’s the booty I treasure. From the South … More Desire

Perfectly Imperfect

My mouth kisses your beautiful body, inching over each insecurity and scar. Slowly, softly, while whispering: “You’re wonderful just the way you are”. My hands caress each curve, you say: “You’re gorgeous too” and although I may never see it, I can tell that you truly do. I adore all your imperfections, you feel fond … More Perfectly Imperfect


Under sensual seas, they lie touching skin to skin. Caress, close, conjoined; where does he end & she begin? Their lips linger, tracing loving lines over each other. Their eyes pools of deep desire, hearts beat for one another. Bodies begin to move with waves, first her below & him above. Writhing, rolling on seabed’s … More Seabed

Live Again

He hailed from the North, she was born in the West. Their meeting coincidental, they came to call it blessed. His beer began most bitter, she sipped sweet vermouth. Lost in her big blue eyes beheld beauty had the power to soothe. Her lips a ruby red rouge, his past had been mostly black. When … More Live Again