Paradise Lost

We used to play ball beneath boughs of bountiful brittle birch tree. We’d wander wild in wooded worlds which knew no impossibility. Sometimes he would be bandit and I’d track trail him for hours. Till the high noon shoot out, where he’d fall felled atop flowers. Other days I would play villain, wailing barbarous battle … More Paradise Lost

The Sleeping Curse

She sleeps in the darkness, pale skin draped in red. He cries, lies beside her, a spectre shares her bed. Walls they may fall around her, seas share his roar, still she’d sleep silent, stranded on slumber’s shore. He holds her hand, feels flaccid fingers frail within. Does she know he’s here, take warmth from … More The Sleeping Curse

Author’s Note 4 & “Misty Monday Memories”

I’ve written a few pieces on my site now which deal with aspects of my fiancée’s (she said yes) condition, M.E. However, although I’ve mentioned it in passing, I’ve not yet written a poem which deals with my condition: dyspraxia. If you don’t like intros or prefer to just judge poems on their own merit … More Author’s Note 4 & “Misty Monday Memories”


The video recording remembers, though memory has degraded a touch. Recycled, replayed, grown grainy, watching good girl he loves oh so much. That day she’d seemed so immortal; safe, secure, father’s love pure & strong. Laughing, runs ragged, hides from him. How had it all gone grotesquely wrong? Replays each every action all anguished; rewinds, … More Replay

Good Girl Gone

The silence is deafening as haggard hands open bleak bedroom door, exhausted eyes encounter a She shaped space where She slept before. Tired fingers fold forlorn fabrics – clothes a good girl wore. Her absence attacks again, digs deep down to a crumbling core. Tidying torturously, duelling dust demons with battered broom, I try to … More Good Girl Gone

Lack of Light

In the night, shall I sleep again? To see your face, feel that pain? Or should I lie awake instead with thoughts of you running round my head? In the night counting costs of each mistake, I called for you and felt heartache. In the night I dreamed of you, my kira kira hikaru. We … More Lack of Light