Lovely Lace

On bed be beauty bedecked in lace, it brushes breasts, holds in place. I take time to gaze on flawless face then tiptoe to come close to grace. No prayer needed, my angel is there; dressed in lovely, lacy, underwear. I lie by, atop, kiss, caress & care, drinking deep her blue eyed stare. Red … More Lovely Lace


Sexual salvation or sin, feel free when I’m within, we both long to keep hold of that feeling. Tantric back to the wall, flying too high to fall, if we could we would writhe on the ceiling. Outdoors or under cover, our lips kiss & discover, her loving’s the booty I treasure. From the South … More Desire

Sweetest Scars

In the after-calm I hold her close, a rose flush fills her cheeks. Her lips look anxious & quiver, she sights the words she seeks. She asks “Am I still beautiful despite each every scar?” I reply “Yes, you are lovely just the way you are”. Words can be just that – as false as … More Sweetest Scars

Queen of Heart

The deck has already been dealt, so we all must play our part. Each suit a suitor for her hand, bow to the Queen of Heart. I foraged for flowers, each Jack called “Wait in line”. Brought bigger bouquets before her, a little like mine but more fine. I handed her a diamond cut, she … More Queen of Heart


I shed my lies & alibis, you have no use for those. I scatter them by bedside atop my cast-off clothes. You tore down my defences, broke through each eldritch wall. I admire your attire then slowly strip it all. I open my heart to you, I get it off my chest. You listen so … More Stripped

They Don’t Get It

My maid maintains you’re dirty and some days I am as well. My priest preached it’s sinful, swears we’re going to hell. My window cleaner caught us at it as he peered through steamed up glass. My chauffeur couldn’t find our turning but he’ll take another pass. My lawyer lectured it should be illegal and … More They Don’t Get It

The Usual Suspect – for Blackheart111

Following my most recent APED challenge, I joked with Blackheart111 that my poem may have been much happier if the chosen words were “candyfloss”, “kittens”and “rainbows”. Blackheart111 added “fluffy”, “pink” and “clouds” to the list and I decided rather than leaving it as a joke, I’d write it and let Blackheart111 pick the mood. The … More The Usual Suspect – for Blackheart111

You Chose This

As you lie under covers, with a man who means nothing to you. Do you shake as he smothers, pressing hard, pillow talk untrue? As you’re gripped by another, is he everything that you yearned for? Finishing fast, your new lover, does your body beg for something more? As he leaves, was he worth it, … More You Chose This

Right Kind of Wrong

I’m a mistake with no correction, I’ll tell you true – there’s no deception but broken people still need a love connection, I’ll be the right kind of wrong for you. I’m something right with something missing, in good green grass can you hear hissing? However my lips were made for kissing, I’ll be the … More Right Kind of Wrong

The Cure?

I opened my heart, she poured poison in. So sweetly spoiled, I withered within. I masked my pain behind a Devil’s grin as she gripped her claws upon my shoulder. Now I’ve found the cure; a sugared sin. Took tainted love, let life begin. I’ll take a chance & upon you pin a hope that dark … More The Cure?