Lovely Lace

On bed be beauty bedecked in lace, it brushes breasts, holds in place. I take time to gaze on flawless face then tiptoe to come close to grace. No prayer needed, my angel is there; dressed in lovely, lacy, underwear. I lie by, atop, kiss, caress & care, drinking deep her blue eyed stare. Red … More Lovely Lace


Pure porcelain – protect precious, precarious smile. Swears he will love gently should she stay for a while. Caressing her, fingers stroke smooth Snow White skin; beauty on the outside mirrors more beauty found within. Pure porcelain – shaken, seems she’s survived so much. Can worst truly be over? She clings to this tender touch. … More Porcelain


Sexual salvation or sin, feel free when I’m within, we both long to keep hold of that feeling. Tantric back to the wall, flying too high to fall, if we could we would writhe on the ceiling. Outdoors or under cover, our lips kiss & discover, her loving’s the booty I treasure. From the South … More Desire