Perfectly Imperfect

My mouth kisses your beautiful body, inching over each insecurity and scar. Slowly, softly, while whispering: “You’re wonderful just the way you are”. My hands caress each curve, you say: “You’re gorgeous too” and although I may never see it, I can tell that you truly do. I adore all your imperfections, you feel fond … More Perfectly Imperfect

Odd Orphan Out

He had never known love. His heart hardened by heartbreak, face fraught, frown full of fears. Receives raw, regular rejection religiously, yet yearning for your yeses for years. He had never known love. Pretty pink princesses picked primarily, second sweeter, sugar-coated sons. Unsmiling, unloved, unlikely, unwanted, often obscured by other obvious ones. He had never … More Odd Orphan Out