Someday, somehow, somewhere

Someday I may move past this, shed these thousand thorns of regret. Till then I need to bleed some more, move though no course seems set. Someday when my feet feel freer, no longer burdened  by bitter betrayal, my hands may yet write lighter lines, a happy end etched to this tragic tale. Somehow she … More Someday, somehow, somewhere

Seven Sins

Seven Hells have come and found you, seven sins swim all around your head. As your demons dance, surround you, lies each echo empty as they’re said. Seven choices made have clowned you, laugh or cry – you’ll do as you must. Foolish falsehoods flood, words drowned you as all your deceptions degrade to dust. … More Seven Sins

You Chose This

As you lie under covers, with a man who means nothing to you. Do you shake as he smothers, pressing hard, pillow talk untrue? As you’re gripped by another, is he everything that you yearned for? Finishing fast, your new lover, does your body beg for something more? As he leaves, was he worth it, … More You Chose This

The Other Window

My home it was on fire & my panic began to show. So I threw myself head first through the nearest window. The weather outside was sunny & on long fall I got to know the fate that did await me beneath that nearest window. The gentle breeze was comforting but as snakes hissed in … More The Other Window