Sweetest Scars

In the after-calm I hold her close, a rose flush fills her cheeks. Her lips look anxious & quiver, she sights the words she seeks. She asks “Am I still beautiful despite each every scar?” I reply “Yes, you are lovely just the way you are”. Words can be just that – as false as … More Sweetest Scars

I Believe

I don’t believe benevolent beings look down on all we do. I don’t believe happy endings from Fairy Tales come true. I don’t believe we’re stronger from suffering we’ve been through. But babe, believe me when I tell it true that I believe in you. Though I don’t believe in Angels watching over us from … More I Believe

Heart For Sale

Condition: Used, confused, abused but beats strong still – will not fail. Will anybody buy his hurting heart? Reduced in our weary winter sale. And as for former owners, well, yes, he has had one or two. Yet he has never loved anybody before the way that he will love you. Prices reduced for a … More Heart For Sale

Ghost of a Chance

His long limp locks were greasy, his shuffling scuffed shoes were black. It’s hard to play it cool & breezy when you’re carrying a demon on your back. She still screams inside his head, hurt by those you love the most. Though their love life’s long dead he still feels fearful of her ghost. In … More Ghost of a Chance