Marriage: Making a Meal of It

The table set before them, the fine banquet on display. The candles lit let shadows dance around the red bouquet. Sat next to each other, eyes locked with love so true. He took first delicious bite as she smiling swore “I do”. Their meal began in reverse, for first bite was so sweet. Look longingly … More Marriage: Making a Meal of It

You Chose This

As you lie under covers, with a man who means nothing to you. Do you shake as he smothers, pressing hard, pillow talk untrue? As you’re gripped by another, is he everything that you yearned for? Finishing fast, your new lover, does your body beg for something more? As he leaves, was he worth it, … More You Chose This

Broken Vows

You say I broke your heart today. Well dear, you bled my heart first. Left it so small & dry I hardly care to cry about which of us received the worst. What’s the point in keeping scores when we’re both losing anyhow? Shall we sing a melancholy melody to mourn another broken vow? CHORUS … More Broken Vows


There are things that you have done. Dimmed the light on the path we’ve run. You’d like me to say forgive, forget. But I won’t, to your regret. There’s a Beast, you set it loose. I bought the rose, you brought the noose. I’d like to say that we’ll get by. But by now I’m … More Unforgiven

Angel Falls

I said she was an angel, I saw her in the sky. I looked upon her Halo of light, she taught me how to fly. On wings of golden promises, through clouds of future dreams. I swore she was an angel, strange how nothing’s as it seems. We walked the skies together, I held her in … More Angel Falls


Some may wonder now how you didn’t notice the change but truth be told we’d ceased to really see each other years ago. Words also were grudgingly exchanged. On my part, my every utterance was misinterpreted – made cruel in your ears. I could say “You look lovely today” and you’d choose to hear “You … More Feathers