Sexual salvation or sin, feel free when I’m within, we both long to keep hold of that feeling. Tantric back to the wall, flying too high to fall, if we could we would writhe on the ceiling. Outdoors or under cover, our lips kiss & discover, her loving’s the booty I treasure. From the South … More Desire

Seven Sins

Seven Hells have come and found you, seven sins swim all around your head. As your demons dance, surround you, lies each echo empty as they’re said. Seven choices made have clowned you, laugh or cry – you’ll do as you must. Foolish falsehoods flood, words drowned you as all your deceptions degrade to dust. … More Seven Sins

The Evil Within

Her beauty in the mirror doesn’t reach beneath the skin. Worms wriggle under the surface, something rancid rots within. Her smile seems so sickening, hollow happiness her mask of lies. While words will swear they love, her hard heart beats “I despise”. She’ll slowly syphon your soul, drain you dryer day by day. Leaving you … More The Evil Within


There are things that you have done. Dimmed the light on the path we’ve run. You’d like me to say forgive, forget. But I won’t, to your regret. There’s a Beast, you set it loose. I bought the rose, you brought the noose. I’d like to say that we’ll get by. But by now I’m … More Unforgiven