You’re one in a million, I’ve been searching, so I should know Foraged freezing through the blizzard seeking your unique fine flake of snow. Days turned to weeks to months, months avalanched unto years. Stony hard hail hurtled on me as cold made icicles of tears. Daydreamed dear I would find you, that someone special … More Snowflake

Winter Wonder

We fell for each other in winter when troubles tiled the frozen floor. Avoided one sheet of black ice only to find some troubles more. On days when my legs trembled and I lacked the strength to stand, she spoke so sweetly to me and tenderly took me by the hand. On nights when she … More Winter Wonder

Snow Wight

A blizzard blew beyond the walls, I huddle to the fire. Father whispers “Don’t heed her calls”, so fed the flames grew higher. Midnight moved upon us, fatigued father fell to sleep. Mournful memories menace me – fire’s fading as I weep. Outside she’s arisen, cold corpse comes gliding to our door. Her hands they … More Snow Wight