Another Generic Love Poem (Please delete as appropriate)

You’ll have the bluest/brownest/greenest eyes I’ve ever seen, and your skin white/brown/kinda sticky like Plasticine, and this deep/shrill/sultry voice I’ll never forget. Together we’ll listen to your favourite song, the one that goes “Ooga chaka”/”hokey cokey”/”All night long” that played on the morning/noon/night when we met. And, oh, I’ll love that cutest thing that you … More Another Generic Love Poem (Please delete as appropriate)

Like Magic

“All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.” I start with the old lie – well worn through years of misuse but still willing to return for one more performance. Because it’s you. It’s always you. How shall I summon you today? With a … More Like Magic


Far from home town, I walk uncharted ground and all I own I carry on my back. I follow her voice, oh that most beauteous noise! Over mountains & valleys I track She sang “Yes, I love you & I long for you too, so sweetheart soon return here to me.” Don’t dally my dear, … More Siren