Don’t Pass Her By

The day dull done, the sorry sky turns grey. The crowded commuters have nothing to say. The train track traversing, a clickity-clack. My course set straight, seems no turning back. My station arrives and as I rise then to leave, I see her awaiting and I struggle to breathe. Her beauty bedazzles, I dream what … More Don’t Pass Her By

Burden Unburdened

They made you feel like a burden, borne by those stronger than thee. They would push, pull & carry, help but complain constantly! Some days they would milk it more, martyrs pushing your wheelchair. “Look strangers, aren’t I lovely for pushing her here to there?” They made you feel like a burden, baggage best left … More Burden Unburdened

Fool’s Gold

When you were young, you were brave & you were bold. Daringly daydreaming daily, they were wonders to behold. Now those days are gone, all your dreams long since sold. Traded each silver lining for a fistful of fool’s gold. Cornered in your corner office, the walls are closing in. As your world shrank so … More Fool’s Gold

Falling For You

Of white rabbits, well, I have chased one or two. As for filthy, flirty frogs, true – I’ve kissed a few. Now I jump with both feet, the world fades from view. I’m falling – falling further in love with you. Deeper, deeper, descending, down into this hole. Falling faster, faster, for love knows no … More Falling For You


You’re one in a million, I’ve been searching, so I should know Foraged freezing through the blizzard seeking your unique fine flake of snow. Days turned to weeks to months, months avalanched unto years. Stony hard hail hurtled on me as cold made icicles of tears. Daydreamed dear I would find you, that someone special … More Snowflake


Her hands hold me under, her voice begs to let go. Give in to the darkness, drown deep in the sea of woe. Lips cracked cajoling, those that I once kissed, now ask me to surrender, “It’s pointless to resist”. She saps strength from me, sea salt tears stain me eyes. Her true form finally … More Breathe


She takes tasty tea leaves from China; as for eggs, exclusively dappled duck. Her milk must surely be soya bean, declines dairy whenever I cook. Wears soft silk skirts on sensitive skin; only dons diamonds mined in Middle Earth. She seeks select spices from Sri Lanka, takes time to take account of their worth. Her … More Picked