Of Lovers Past – Now available on Android & iOS devices

Hi there. Just a quick post to let you know that a visual novel I wrote is now available on the Moments: Choose Your Story app on Android and iOS devices. My visual novel is called “Of Lovers Past” and it’s a paranormal romance with murder mystery elements to it. The Moments app is free … More Of Lovers Past – Now available on Android & iOS devices

The Suffer Ring

I cannot promise roses will eternally bloom or that the light will ever eclipse the gloom. I may make mistakes more often than not and cannot comprehend how much I forgot. I cannot promise you a happy every after. We will share sorrow to balance the laughter. The road will be rocky upon our life’s … More The Suffer Ring

Paid for a poem: “The Clumsysaurus & the Grumplepuss”

Hello again, my lovely followers. Those of you who read the last article will already know that due to my hours being dramatically cut, I’ve now started writing in a freelance capacity as a means of boosting my income (see https://philipcraddockwriter.wordpress.com/2017/04/14/authors-note-now-for-hire-accepting-donations/). I’m in a pretty desperate situation, as I have a disabled fiancee and a … More Paid for a poem: “The Clumsysaurus & the Grumplepuss”

Author’s Note: Now For Hire (& Accepting Donations)

Hello, my lovely followers. Recently my life has taken a rather odd twist. Two weeks ago, I was working 50 hours a week from home on a self-employed basis for a computer games company who were based in Florida. Due to their main game being cancelled, they’ve now reduced my contracted hours to 10 a … More Author’s Note: Now For Hire (& Accepting Donations)

Paradise Lost

We used to play ball beneath boughs of bountiful brittle birch tree. We’d wander wild in wooded worlds which knew no impossibility. Sometimes he would be bandit and I’d track trail him for hours. Till the high noon shoot out, where he’d fall felled atop flowers. Other days I would play villain, wailing barbarous battle … More Paradise Lost

Don’t Pass Her By

The day dull done, the sorry sky turns grey. The crowded commuters have nothing to say. The train track traversing, a clickity-clack. My course set straight, seems no turning back. My station arrives and as I rise then to leave, I see her awaiting and I struggle to breathe. Her beauty bedazzles, I dream what … More Don’t Pass Her By

The Sole House

The path was dark dirt twisted, dull moon barely lit the sky. The thunder truly terrifying as rain fell for you and I. The birds were not a tweeting, the trees bare eerie still. Whilst wet we weaved wearily to the sole house on the hill. The welcome mat was missing, a door damaged hung … More The Sole House