Author’s Note – Thank You For 200 Followers (aka The Journey So Far)

First off, thank you to everyone who has already followed my site. I really appreciate that you’d want to be a Follower and it’s great that so many of you have enjoyed my poems and stories.

When I first started posting my writing online, I didn’t really expect anybody to Follow me. I hadn’t previously had the confidence to share my writing publicly and I’d no previous experience with blogging. I’d initially setup my site as a means of sharing my poetry with a friend of mine in Belize who wasn’t able to use email at the time but could view websites. I didn’t really expect anybody to come along and Like my pieces and certainly not like them enough to become a Follower.

Prior to setting up this website, typically I’d write poems and stories and then just throw them in the bin without letting anyone else read them. Even some of my family members were surprised to discover that I enjoyed creative writing when I setup this website. I’m still not the most confident writer (or the most confident human being in general) and when I first add poems to my site, until someone comes along and Likes them I find myself feeling a sense of anxiety and toying with deleting them before anyone has read them. I’m working on improving my confidence though and every Like and Follow does help.

For over a year I haven’t been able to spend quite as much time writing as I would have liked to. Some rather traumatic and tiring real-life events (very difficult custody battle for my daughter) took much of my time and energy up and some days it was a struggle just making it through the day, let alone managing to get my head to the right place to do some creative writing. Thankfully that’s over now and despite the journey being a painful one, it has ended well. I have my daughter back.

As this period was so emotional, when I was able to write creatively it no doubt seeped into my words. Some of my poems were full of pain and were almost a form of exorcism for me when I wrote them. Thankfully, in this period I also met the love of my life – Phoebe. So alongside the strong but negative pieces, there were also many poems filled with love. A line from the opening paragraph of “A Tale of Two Cities” comes to mind: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.

Next year I’m hoping for a lot less drama and a lot more happiness. If all goes to plan, I’ll be marrying Phoebe. I’ll also be making up for a lot of lost time with my daughter and enjoying every minute of it. What impact will this have on my writing? Will it be all flowers, kittens and rainbows or will there still be some darker pieces thrown into the mix? I’m unsure but look forward to finding out and I hope that you’ll stay with me for the journey.

Now that I’ve achieved my 200 Follower target, what comes next? Firstly, I’ve now raised my target to 300 Followers. If any of you have Liked my poetry and stories but not yet Followed me, I would really appreciate it if you did so.

Much more importantly though, I’ve also taken the first step to try and self-publish a book of my poems in conjunction with a charity. The plan is that I’ll donate a percentage of every book sold to the charity. I’ll announce which charity it is once I’ve received their reply. This is a huge deal for me partly as it’s a charity which is dear to my heart and partly as previously publishing my writing would have been unthinkable due to the aforementioned lack of confidence. I still have fears regarding doing this, such as “What if nobody buys it?”, “What if I let the charity down?” etc but I hope that I can overcome these anxieties and actually fulfil one of my dreams whilst raising money for a good cause and bringing more publicity to a charity which could really use some more attention.

Anyway, thanks again and I hope you’ll stay Following me in 2017 – whatever that year may bring.

2 thoughts on “Author’s Note – Thank You For 200 Followers (aka The Journey So Far)

  1. Awwwn! You’re so cute. We met at one of Jackie’s party and your work has been awesome so far. I like blogging because our words travel over lands and seas to places we have never been. We form great friendships and that has been a pleasure for me.

    Keep the good work dear Philip and say hi to Phoebe for me. Her love for you inspires and you and in turn inspires us.

    Lagos, Nigeria

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